You can use the early and late time filter settings to highlight data to figure out late fees, how many children attended before school care, etc.

Early and late time filters can be applied on the Daily Attendance Reports, the Monthly Attendance Reports and the Custom Attendance Reports. Below are some examples of how to use these powerful tools.

Early Time - If you have Before Care (ex: before 8:30am), you can find out how many students attend Before Care and for how long by setting “Early Sign-In Time” to 8:30am. Now any children signed in before 8:30 will be highlighted in the “Early Time” column with the time they spent in Before Care.

Late Time - If you have an after school care program (ex: starting at 3:30), set “Late Sign-Out Time” to 3:29 pm to find out how many students are attending the after school program and for how long.

Late fees: Set the "Late Sign-Out Time" to the time after which you charge late fees and you can easily see who is staying late and you can use the time to calculate how much they need to be charged. 

You can use a billing import to import these types of charges/fees.

*Note* You can play with the early and late time filters in conjunction to answer specific questions regarding attendance. You can also download the XLS reports of this data to sort and filter the results further.

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