Kinderlime makes billing easier by having all the functionality of attendance tracking, invoicing, and payment collection in one place. Whether you charge monthly/weekly rates or charge based on the number of hours or days, Kinderlime can be configured to make your invoicing faster and easier.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Set up Billing Cycle 

When you first click on Billing, you'll be given a choice to select between Monthly or Weekly billing cycles. (If your school does both, select the cycle that is used by the majority of the children).

Step 2: Create Recurring Charges

Go to the Charges tab in the grey menu.

Select +Add Charge button in the upper right of the screen and choose “Recurring Charge” Give your Charge a name, description, type (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) and rate.


Once you have entered your regular tuition costs as "Charges", you only need to update them if your rate changes! 

[Note:] By default the system assigns the first charge as a default charge for all your families. You can change the default charge by going to the Charges tab and choose Actions then “Remove Default” or “Make Default” if desired.

Step 3: Assign Charges to Children

Still in the Charges tab, you will select the Assign Charges button, highlight the charge you created and click to add the children who will be charged this rate (you'll see the green check activate next to their name when they are assigned the charge). This will automatically send the billing information to the invoice for step 4.

Step 4: Bulk Processing

It is easy to create all of your invoices at once in Billing  . As long as a given child has the same rate during the whole time period, you can invoice them in seconds using Bulk Processing

*Important* Bulk Operations is used to create the initial invoices for the given Billing Cycle. If there is already an invoice for the current billing cycle, it won't create a new one. For that reason: if you are planning on doing a billing import, bulk processing will need to be done first.

a. Go to the Bulk Operations tab in the grey menu, choose the month and room you will be working with and at the bottom click Select Operation and choose “Create Invoices” and Process Now. This will create invoices instantly for all children who have a charge assigned.

b. If you need to make any adjustments to the invoices see optional step 5, otherwise continue to c.

c. You can then Select Operation and “Send Statements” and wait for parents to pay (See Step 7 for online payment setup before completing this step)

d. You can also choose to pull payments from the parents’ accounts (See Step 7). Each parent will get a receipt of the payment that was pulled from their account. They can also log in anytime to view their monthly/yearly statements

Step 5 Family Billing (optional)

Family Billing will allow you to add additional charges to the invoices that were created in Bulk Billing. 

a. Select the Family Billing tab in the grey menu.

b. Scroll to, or search for, the child and click on the invoice that has been created under the "Recent Invoice" column. Kinderlime has already put the assigned charge into the Invoice.

c. You can add any other costs here at this time (late fees, materials, etc) by clicking on the +Add Another Item or +Add Preset Charge button. To set up Preset charges see optional step 5 below

d. You can also add a Note to the invoice with instructions or other information. you will need to use the Save & Send option in order to send the note with the invoice. If you use the "Save Invoice" button the note will not go out. (To send the same note to everyone who receives an invoice you will get an option to do that when sending the statements in Bulk Operations)

e. When you're done, click Save Invoice or Save & Send at the bottom.

f. After making all the invoice adjustments you can go back to Step 4c.

Step 6: Setting up a Preset Charge (optional)

Preset charges can be used for sporadically occurring charges like late fees and material fees. Choose Charges in the grey menu, select the +Add Charge button, choose “Preset Charge” and fill out the details.

Step 7: Online Payments - Setup

With Online payments, you can have parents pay you using their bank account or credit card. These payments are directly deposited to your bank account and the family statements are automatically updated with the payment information (without you having to do any manual data entry).

a. Go to Billing and choose the Billing Settings tab in the grey menu. Click on the Connect with Stripe Now button.

b. To understand how online payments work in Kinderlime, you can read this How-To document. Important! It is recommended that you set up online payments before sending the invoices so that parents can pay you through the parent app from the start.

TIMELINE for Payouts to your Bank: The first payment through Stripe (Kinderlime payment processor) takes 7-10 days. At this time verifications to your merchant account are going on. After this first payment, the deposits to your bank are much quicker and follow this timeline:

a. Credit cards - you’ll see the payment deposited the next day to your account

b. Parent ACH (bank accounts) - you’ll see the payment deposited in 6 business days

Step 8: Manual recording of payments using check or cash

Once the payment is received from the parent (through check or cash), go to Billing and choose the Family Billing tab in the grey menu. Click on Actions, choose “Check/Cash Payment” and fill in the information for the payment. Once that is recorded the balance will be immediately updated.

Here's an example of a family's Account Statement after making their payment.

Refunds: If you need to issue a refund, visit the Refund Payments help article.

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