The Kinderlime system is optimized to track time accurately and invoice monthly, using attendance data. As long as a given child has the same rate during the whole time period, you can invoice them in seconds using recurring charges. For here more on Recurring and Preset charges.

However, some schools have multiple charges, grace periods with no charge, enrichment classes, etc that don't fall under the umbrella of recurring or preset charges.

For these schools, Billing Import will be a useful tool. Below are the steps you will perform to create these invoices quickly.

*Important* If you are going to be using Bulk Operations AND a Billing Import in a single billing cycle, it is important that you run your bulk processing first to create the invoices based on time/attendance. Once those invoices are created then you can run a Billing Import.

Step 1: Calculating charges.

Some charges like enrichment classes are set. Others, are based on attendance:

a. Pull up the Attendance Report for the billing cycle.

b. Choose your filters, click the XLS button to Download the "Detailed Report".

c. Use this data to figure out charges. You can use the Excel Filter function, =SUM(), or various other excel tools to calculate charges

Step 2: Fill out the Billing Import

a. Go to Billing, choose the Billing Imports tab and click the button Download a Sample Import File.

b. This will download the spreadsheet format with the date as well as the names and Kinderlime ID's of the students. Kinderlime IDs are internal IDs assigned by the system and are available in all your excel reports including your Monthly Attendance report.

c. Fill out the XLS spreadsheet with all of the charges calculated in Step 1

Step 3: Upload the Import File

Click the +Upload Import File button.

If there is a problem with the spreadsheet, you should be able to view the errors to see what needs to be fixed.

Keep in mind that each time a spreadsheet is uploaded, each line will create an invoice for the given student. You can put a student in the spreadsheet more than once and they will get one invoice with multiple line items according to the charges you have entered.

*Important note* if you upload the same spreadsheet twice, you will create duplicates of the all the invoices.

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