The Kinderlime Sign In-Out app tracks time and attendance for child care programs and facilities. A staff time clock is also available as part of the same app. The data is compiled in various attendance reports on the website. This article will show you how to run these attendance reports.

Step 1: There are 5 different types of attendance reports you can run:

  • Daily¬†
  • Monthly¬†
  • Custom
  • Ratio Reports
  • Staff Daily
  • Staff Custom

Step 2: Choose the date or date range and choose room (if applicable)

Step 3: You can now view the data and download the following reports:

Daily Reports (Attendance-->Daily):

  • Daily XLS Report: total time attended, early and late time totals along with the person who signed them in/out and the times
  • Daily PDF Report: sign in/out times and also will show the signatures if you have them enabled in settings
  • In addition to the Attendance Report, you can also run an Absence Report and capture absence notes by using the Absence Report button at the top of the page.

Monthly Reports (Attendance-->Monthly):

  1. Monthly Detailed XLS Report: total days attended, total time attended, early and late times and total time attended broken down by day
  2. Monthly Signin Times Report: who signed the child in and out at what time

Custom Report (Attendance-->Custom):

  • Custom Report XLS: This report has the number of days, weeks, months attended along with early, late and attended time totals. This report can only be run for one class/group at a time.

Ratio Report (Attendance-->Ratios):

  • Set the date you wish to review
  • You can view the "Chart" or switch to "Details" view using the buttons on the top right.

Staff Daily Report (Attendance-->Staff Clock In-Out Reports Daily):

  • Staff Daily XLS Report: Name of staff, clock in/out times, total hours worked and section (room)

Staff Custom Report (Attendance-->Staff Clock In-Out Reports Custom):

  • Staff Custom XLS: name of staff, days worked, total hours worked along with a daily breakdown

You can also use the early and late sign in filters to pull out specific data. See Early and Late Time on Attendance Reports for more info.

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